Christ for Humanity’s Purpose Statement:  Christ for Humanity (CFH) is a Christian humanitarian relief organization whose purpose is to glorify God by enabling the Church to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the needy and to minister to members of God’s family.

Christ for Humanity’s Vision Statement:  Christ for Humanity provides three venues by which Christians may impact the needy for Christ:

(1) Giving – by providing humanitarian relief free of charge to Christian ministries, missionaries, and healthcare professionals working with the poor in the United States and in 50+ countries worldwide.

(2) Going – by arranging short-term mission trips for Christians interested in going abroad to advance the Gospel.  Specific mission trips may emphasize medical and dental opportunities, work programs and/or evangelism.

(3) Growing – by offering churches, youth groups, organizations and individuals opportunities to grow God’s kingdom through local evangelism and discipleship ministries to the needy and through a variety of volunteer positions enabling the Church to be the hands and feet of Christ to the poor.

Christ for Humanity’s Mission Statement can be stated rather simply: to encourage and motivate Christians to “Get out of the pew and go to the poor.”

Our mission statement is largely taken from the many admonitions given in scripture to minister to the poor and needy.  This requires ministering to them both physically and spiritually with the ultimate goal of reaching them for Christ, via BOTH proclamation (of the Gospel) and provision of humanitarian aid, in order that they, too, may become members of the Kingdom of God.

Over the years, Christ For Humanity has served the needy regardless of where they may be, including individuals who have simply walked through the front doors of our headquarters facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the needy in Mexico, the Soviet Union, Africa, New Orleans, Louisiana, and other cities and nations.

As mentioned above, our ministry provides three basic venues by which Christians may impact the needy for Christ:

Through CFH, you can provide humanitarian aid (primarily food, clothing, furniture and medication/medical supplies) throughout our city, our state, our nation, and the world.  Locally, CFH distributes these items and services through it’s Tulsa headquarters.  Internationally, and across the United states, CFH distributes individual’s gifts by working with established, pre-qualified ministries and indigenous missionaries wherever there is a physical need and opportunity to give, CFH requires that the provision of aid be accompanied by the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.  Certainly, our gifts are important. But those who give through CFH hold this common belief:  “Our meeting an immediate, physical need pales in comparison to God’s satisfaction of all men’s eternal, spiritual need of forgiveness, justification, and adoption through Christ, and Christ alone!”

CFH does not ‘send’ paid, full-time missionaries to accomplish its international outreach goals. Instead, we prefer to assist in sending any Christian desiring to “go”.  Through a CFH sponsored, short-term mission trips, any pre-qualified individual or church members can serve Christ and the poor, by fulfilling His “Great Commission”.  Depending on the opportunity, specific missions trips may emphasize medical/dental ministry, work programs, street evangelism, or (in ‘closed’ countries) relational evangelism. Without question, gifts of humanitarian aid are of great value. But many have found, when they “go” with their “gift” their greatest joy in giving came from giving themselves.

If one is not ready or physically able to “go” across the globe right now, they can simply go across town.  Through CFH, one can be part of “growing” God’s kingdom through local evangelism/discipleship ministries to the needy in the Tulsa metropolitan community. Individually, a person may wish to serve in the 1st Steps program and perhaps help mentor new believers.  This program occurs weekly at our Tulsa facility.  Corporately, throughout CFH’s “Adopt-a-Facility” program, other Christians and those in their churches or Sunday School classes can offer regularly scheduled outreaches at local low income housing facilities.

Regardless of an individual’s personal situation, CFH can provide a ministry opportunity - not necessarily in the giving of money, though that is certainly necessary for CFH’s continuance, but simply by the giving of yourself.  One may not be able to go to Africa, but he or she can usually go across town, or volunteer at the CFH facility. There’s always plenty of work to do in the clothes closet, pharmacy, food pantry, or in maintaining the facility! Remember this:  Scripture does not recognize a non-ministering saint.  All the Lord asks is that we serve!

Our Mission: The Great Commission. When people are cold, hungry or in pain, the concept of a loving God is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

CFH's goal is to provide Christian field workers with the means to meet physical needs as they glorify God's name and spread the good news of Christ.

Why Does CFH exist?

To borrow from the Westminster Confession of Faith, “The chief end of man is to glorify God, and enjoy Him forever.” To personalize this one might state, “I will glorify God when I put His attributes on display, in my life, in such a way as He maybe made known.”  In essence, we become a store-front window for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  No one ever looks at a spectacular store-front window display and says:  “Wow!  What a nice piece of glass!”  They don’t even notice the glass…they are too busy admiring what’s inside.  For us, that perspective ought to be the familiar store-inventory of Galatians 5:  “…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.”  Notice that this inventory is entirely relationship and other-oriented.  Hence, at CFH, we will satisfy the “Why” of our existence as we particularly demonstrate these Spirit-filled attributes towards the targets, or the “Who” of our ministry.