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Our ministry faces many obstacles in its effort to get humanitarian aid to those who need it most. Often, problems come in the form of bureaucratic red tape or government corruption in the countries needing help. In the past, prayer has broken down seemingly impossible walls. Continue to pray for the poor at home and abroad.


The cost of running a humanitarian aid organization is substantial. Christ for Humanity endeavors to keep its overhead low, stretching each ministry dollar to help the greatest number of people. The ministry is funded by gifts from churches, organizations, and individuals sharing our vision of the Great Commission. Christ for Humanity is interested in enlarging its donor base in order to accomplish more in the states and abroad.

Checks made out to Christ for Humanity can be mailed to:

Christ for Humanity
P.O. Box 580127
Tulsa, OK 74158-0127

Creative Giving

In addition to monetary support, creative giving may be in the form of  real property, stock certificates or other transferable instruments, life insurance, estate, trust, automobiles, boats, aircrafts, jewelry,etc.  Some of these items may go directly to those in need (such as an automobile) while others may be sold to fund the ministry.


The ministry offers various volunteer opportunities for churches, youth groups, organizations, and individuals. Get involved in the ministry of helps. Call us today: 918-836-2424.